Roundup: 3 Interesting CTC articles published in the last 30 Days

The circulating tumor cell literature is expanding rapidly, with over 30 publications in the last month alone! So I have decided to do a roundup of articles I found interesting and impactful about once per month. If there are other papers you found interesting, I encourage you to share them. Clinical applications of CTC analysis Ivanov et al. Chip-Based Nanostructured Sensors Enable Accurate Identification and Classification of Circulating Tumor Cells in Prostate Cancer Patient Blood Samples.

Roundup: Circulating Tumor Cell Tech Review Papers

Keywords Biomarker: A detectable cell characteristic that tells us something about its biological state. CTC: Circulating tumor cell. Read about what they are and why they’re important here. I have been out of town most of this week at the World CTC Conference in Boston, which was a great forum to hear about the latest in CTC research, and I had a very engaged audience at my presentation. However, I didn’t have time to write up my next post in my series on sorting techniques.