How to Sort Circulating Tumor Cells Part I: Size

x-posted at Kirby Lab Student Blog Keywords CTC: Circulating tumor cell. Read about what they are and why they’re important here. Leukocyte: White blood cell. Erythrocyte: Red blood cell. Thrombocyte: Platelets, important in the formation of blood clots. Reynolds number: is the ratio of inertial to viscous fluid forces. In pressure-driven flow, this is the ratio of the pressure force applied (to actuate flow) as compared to the resistance of the fluid to deformation or shearing.

Why Study Circulating Tumor Cells?

x-posted at Kirby Lab Student Blog Keywords Metastasis: The spreading of the initial (primary) tumor to another site in the body (secondary tumor). Peripheral blood: Blood circulating through arteries, veins, capillaries, etc. Not what’s in your liver, lymphatic system, bone marrow, etc. PSA: Prostate-specific antigen, a protein secreted by the prostate, and elevated in cancer. Measuring PSA levels is a standard clinical tool when assessing prostate cancer, read about the test here.