CTC genetic heterogeneity, a window into the metastatic process

x-posted to Kirby Lab Student Blog Keywords BCa: Breast Cancer CTC: Circulating tumor cell. Read about what they are and why they’re important here. Epithelial cell surface marker: A protein or receptor sticking out of the cell membrane of epithelial cells. EMT: Epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition, where cells lose biomarkers associated with their organ of origin and become more stem cell-like. SNR: Signal-to-noise ratio. Tumor genetic heterogeneity has emerged as an effective biomarker of malignant processes1-4.

How to Sort Circulating Tumor Cells Part II: Immunocapture

x-posted at Kirby Lab Student Blog Keywords Antibody: A Y-shaped protein that binds to unique cellular targets (i.e. antigens). Read more about antibody function here. Aptamer: A peptide, RNA or DNA that binds to unique cellular targets and is analogous to antibodies. Aptamers are easier to produce synthetically and are generally more stable than antibodies binding to the same target. Read more about antibodies vs. aptamers here. CTC:Circulating tumor cell.