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Roundup: 3 Interesting CTC articles published in the last 30 Days

The circulating tumor cell literature is expanding rapidly, with over 30 publications in the last month alone! So I have decided to do a roundup of articles I found interesting and impactful about once per month. If there are other papers you found interesting, I encourage you to share them. Clinical applications of CTC analysis Ivanov et al. Chip-Based Nanostructured Sensors Enable Accurate Identification and Classification of Circulating Tumor Cells in Prostate Cancer Patient Blood Samples.

Cancer Cell Lines & CTCs: Benchmarking versus Application

x-posted at Kirby Lab Student Blog Keywords Cell Surface Marker: Some protein or receptor sticking out of the cell membrane. I explain this more in depth in my immunocapture post. CTC: Circulating tumor cell. Read about what they are and why they’re important here. Microemboli: A small mass of cells or tissue inside the bloodstream. Platelets: aka thrombocytes, important in the formation of blood clots. Phenotype: Observable characteristics of a cell.