Roundup: 3 Interesting CTC articles published in the last 30 Days

The circulating tumor cell literature is expanding rapidly, with over 30 publications in the last month alone! So I have decided to do a roundup of articles I found interesting and impactful about once per month. If there are other papers you found interesting, I encourage you to share them. Clinical applications of CTC analysis Ivanov et al. Chip-Based Nanostructured Sensors Enable Accurate Identification and Classification of Circulating Tumor Cells in Prostate Cancer Patient Blood Samples.

Evaluating CTC isolation device performance

Keywords CTC: Circulating tumor cell. Read about what they are and why they’re important here. Leukocyte: White blood cell. Erythrocyte: Red blood cell. I’ve previously discussed how to sort CTCs, and the standards used to characterize device performance. Today, I’ll explain what some of the most common evaluation metrics are, and place them in context of eventual clinical/industrial application. What are common performance criteria? Capture Efficiency is number of target cells captured divided by total number of target cells introduced into the cell isolation system.

Cancer Cell Lines & CTCs: Benchmarking versus Application

x-posted at Kirby Lab Student Blog Keywords Cell Surface Marker: Some protein or receptor sticking out of the cell membrane. I explain this more in depth in my immunocapture post. CTC: Circulating tumor cell. Read about what they are and why they’re important here. Microemboli: A small mass of cells or tissue inside the bloodstream. Platelets: aka thrombocytes, important in the formation of blood clots. Phenotype: Observable characteristics of a cell.