Roundup: 3 Interesting CTC articles published in the last 30 Days

The circulating tumor cell literature is expanding rapidly, with over 30 publications in the last month alone! So I have decided to do a roundup of articles I found interesting and impactful about once per month. If there are other papers you found interesting, I encourage you to share them.

Clinical applications of CTC analysis

IvanovIvanov et al. Chip-Based Nanostructured Sensors Enable Accurate Identification and Classification of Circulating Tumor Cells in Prostate Cancer Patient Blood Samples. Analytical Chemistry 2012 This is a nice paper describing the development of an on-chip biosensor to electrochemically to measure PSA and detect TMPRSS2:ERG gene fusion in prostate cancer patients.

 CTC capture tech development

GascoyneGascoyne et al. Correlations between the dielectric properties and exterior morphology of cells revealed by dielectrophoretic field-flow fractionation. Electrophoresis 2012 Gascoyne et al. perform really extensive dielectric characterization of NCI-60 cancer cell lines from the Cancer Genome Project. They produced some nice correlatives between cancer cell’s dielectric response and their morphological properties.

 Proof-of-principle experiments

TormoenTormoen et al. Development of Coagulation Factor Probes for the Identification of Procoagulant Circulating Tumor Cells. Frontiers in Oncology 2012; 2:110. *Open Access I’m cheating because this was published in September, but I think the results are really interesting. Tormoen et al. showed that under certain conditions, metastatic cancer cell lines can induce blood coagulation. There is increasing interest in CTC clusters or microemboli—where CTCs are attached to WBCs and other blood components—and this points to a potential mechanism of their formation.

Erica D. Pratt
Postdoctoral Associate

My research interests include microfluidics and blood-based tumor analyte detection strategies.